"New Leaf" it is... thank you David!

Was rummaging through my head for a suitable title for this three-piece series... something along the lines of redemption, rebirth, fresh new start... "New Leaf" came to mind. Because of the vibrant and triumphant green progressively taking over, it instinctively felt right. But the ultimate validation came from David Gray himself singing in my ear three seconds later the line "Just the Bullets whispering gentle mongst the new green leaves" ("The One I Love").  I would not make this up. And so I thought: "Well alright then!".

"01I10 Tis A Pity" Main Panel

I would like to let go now.... I want to forget all about or at least get past the dreadful yet inevitable drama that surrounds the Before and After and fly away... like a friend of the Blue Bird, just in another direction for now.... RIP DB

Isolation coat and glossy top lacquer coat I just started using account for the unfortunate glare effect. 

"0110 Tis A Pity" whole  medium.jpg
01I10 Tis A Pity  - Left Detail
01I10 Tis A Pity - Left Detail (Blue Bird)
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"January 10th: Tis a Pity"...

January 10th: Tis A Pity (1)

January 10, 2016 came and went... leaving some of us never quite the same ever again...

I wanted to remember what that ill-fated day took away from the world so I painted. It is for now a two-panel project (third central panel to follow) which retraces the emotions of the news (1) and those which gracefully have begun to emerge since (2).

"Coyotes" are coming...

The "Coyotes" are waiting for their blue sky to dry...

After an emotionally trying and prickly glance into the dark land of Afterlife and before plunging into it again to finish off a necessary three-part series  ("January 10th - Tis a Pity"), it is high time for some perky and blissful strokes of sunny paint to radiate over the canvas of my mind and give me a much needed change of emotional landscape.

"Coyotes" are here howling in delight, eagerly longing for a thick and creamy coat of serene blue sky to bring them serenity and comfort.

The sky is drying. Soon there will be peace on the land...

NEW SHOW: "Small Works 2015" at the Arsenal for the Arts, Watertown, MA. Opening reception this Thursday, November 5th

The new "Small Works" exhibit kicked off October 29th through December 27th at the Watertown's Arsenal Center for the Arts. Opening reception is Thursday, November 5th, 5:30pm-7:30pm. I am very excited to have four pieces displayed in this show. I look forward to seeing some of you this Thursday night. For more information about the exhibit and the venue, visit the Center's website at: http://arsenalarts.org/visual/#Small Works 2015

My creative process


1. Paint and 2. Slash

My creative process typically follows these four progressive steps: A new piece almost invariably starts with a combination of colors popping inside my head or a mood. Very few pieces (although some) have evolved from an actual concept or idea.

From there, I use acrylic paint to create a large inventory of painted sheets on various types of paper to create a unique glow or sheen. Solid panels will serve as my base inventory while a range of multicolored, textured and visually more complex panels will be the highlight of a piece. No sheet ever gets discarded, if they don't make the cut on a current project, they end up in the Magical Bin where hundreds of unused sheets get stored for future projects.

The slashing is the most instinctive and freeing part of the process: It sometimes follows the clear vision of an imagined shape, at times it is purely instinctive and impulsive tearing of the paper while my hands are given free range to shape and create without any analytical input. This is when creativity is at its peak.

3. Compose

Composing is the most deliberate and strategic step of the process. It can be the most gratifying stage of creating a new piece or the most frustrating one. This is when each shred of paper gets validated as a necessary part of the final project and finds its unique place with relation to the others to bring cohesion and aesthetics to the final product.

4. Glue

Gluing each piece of painted paper onto the final board is the most overwhelming step as hundreds of strands are invariably intertwined in complex layers. Considerable patience, precision and organization are required when gluing each strand from the very bottom layer to the very top. This step will determine the final craftsmanship of the project. Many a time, last minute changes in composition occur during this step.

When the gluing part is over, final treatment takes place (final brushing of the piece and flattening) before framing.