Introducing the "Lunar Landscapes" series

It is hard to believe that it has almost been one year to the day since my last blog entry. What is a year in a person’s life? I guess it depends on the year. Some years feel like empty pages in our personal Book, others mark significant transitions, personal growth, a new shift and horizon.

These past twelve months bore witness to a fundamental transformation in my art work. My pursuit of collage work came to a frustrating halt around mid-year last year when it became evident to me that the process no long worked as designed which translated into a severe case of “painter’s block.” After a few months’ hiatus, a new compelling voice arose and I started painting again. With a brand new palette. Colors so unfamiliar to me that I would have never considered working with them before. It was an astonishing experience, witnessing this driving force inside of me come to life and grow stronger and stronger by the day like a silent beast, taking control of my creativity like it was an abandoned ship. The first piece was an eye opener; I could express myself again through art and this time, the work felt so much more intimate and vocal. It rang so true to my emotions it felt like being able to speak after mumbling for years. One piece was not enough to say what I wanted to say so one quickly turned into two… then into twenty four. It was also the first time that I felt so passionate about and intimately absorbed by the theme of my work and each piece effortlessly led to the next one like words in a sentence. One piece after the other, the work quickly evolved into a visual tale. It is an indescribable satisfaction to have been able to storytell such a complex range of emotions in a non-verbal way. The collection is called “Lunar Landscapes” and I hope to have it displayed in various venues this calendar year.

trifold LL.JPG