Breathtaking: Chagall Light and Sound show in Provence Quarry

If you are not able to sample for yourself this incredible trip within Painter Marc Chagall’s extraordinary world, here are a few pictures of the ongoing 3-dimmensional “Carrieres de Lumieres” Music and Light show held in the most unusual and spectacular setting, the Baux-de-Provence old stone quarry. Picture yourself (if you can) immersed in 13 thousand square feet of 3-dimensional art projection. The natural setting is overwhelming, pitch dark at times and cool (55 degrees Fahrenheit) with walls 45 feet high and uneven floors roughly carved in stone. It is a fireworks of giant rojections moving to a perfectly coordinated music selection. Did I mention there are 13 thousand square feet of art (4000 square meters) projected by over 100 video cameras?

For a virtual visit, here are a few pictures and also is a fantastic, short video I found on Youtube well worth checking out.

Jusqu'en janvier 2017 - Splendide spectacle sur les œuvres de Marc Chagall, maestro de la couleur. Un spectacle son et lumière dans les majestueuses Carrières de Lumière, qui nous plonge au coeur de son oeuvre, inondé par les couleurs et la musique enveloppante, des plus grands airs d'Opéra aux musiques de Uri Caine.