Gray Study #1

A few weeks back, I challenged myself to create a visual rendition of my creative muse British singer, performer and songwriter David Gray. I was very seduced by the complexity of the challenge, not knowing where to even start tackling this beast of a project. How to best do this project justice? There were so many dimensions to this simple idea and so many directions to run in. I wanted to paint my impression of the artist, not just as a singer and performer but also hopefully capture somewhere along the way something genuine about the human being. I was as interested in building an external picture of him as I was to attempt to paint the artist from the inside out and get down a few unknown imaginative paths to interpret what his creative process might look or feel like. As someone who enjoys creating art, this introspective soul-peeping aspect of the project was particularly exciting to me.  

I was convinced that this project could not be done in one piece alone. There was just too much material flowing in to squeeze into one singe piece. This series starts with three separate pieces (others may knock on the door of my Subconscious begging to be brought to life), each centered around the same perspective of a silhouette (bottom left corner) in the foreground reacting as much as he is creating his immediate surrounding (background).

#1 was an initial expression of the general power and energy David Gray the Performer delivers on stage, both incredibly vivid, honest while also muted in his own, subtle and sophisticated way. I wanted to include a reference to one of the most superb and haunting ballads ever written called "Gulls" in this piece. 

Gray Study#1