Introducing the "Lunar Landscapes" series

It is hard to believe that it has almost been one year to the day since my last blog entry. What is a year in a person’s life? I guess it depends on the year. Some years feel like empty pages in our personal Book, others mark significant transitions, personal growth, a new shift and horizon.

These past twelve months bore witness to a fundamental transformation in my art work. My pursuit of collage work came to a frustrating halt around mid-year last year when it became evident to me that the process no long worked as designed which translated into a severe case of “painter’s block.” After a few months’ hiatus, a new compelling voice arose and I started painting again. With a brand new palette. Colors so unfamiliar to me that I would have never considered working with them before. It was an astonishing experience, witnessing this driving force inside of me come to life and grow stronger and stronger by the day like a silent beast, taking control of my creativity like it was an abandoned ship. The first piece was an eye opener; I could express myself again through art and this time, the work felt so much more intimate and vocal. It rang so true to my emotions it felt like being able to speak after mumbling for years. One piece was not enough to say what I wanted to say so one quickly turned into two… then into twenty four. It was also the first time that I felt so passionate about and intimately absorbed by the theme of my work and each piece effortlessly led to the next one like words in a sentence. One piece after the other, the work quickly evolved into a visual tale. It is an indescribable satisfaction to have been able to storytell such a complex range of emotions in a non-verbal way. The collection is called “Lunar Landscapes” and I hope to have it displayed in various venues this calendar year.

trifold LL.JPG

"Matilda's Dance Through Life"... what dance is she dancing?

Because some have asked me about the inspiration behind this piece, here is a tidbit of information. This piece was meant to be a light and refreshing depiction of a woman happily turning a new page in her life. However with many of my less abstract work, a more introspective voice often interferes, twisting the original intent of the piece and I have no other choice but to comply. As a result, the end piece is a portrait of a woman bravely and happily walking in sync with Nature and its miraculous healing properties while cautiously walking away from the violence and the hurt of this world.


More shows and new directions for 2018?

"Behind Bars: Democracy" was selected to be featured in the upcoming winter holiday show from October 22 - December 21, 2017 at the Belmont Gallery of Art, 19 Moore Street in Belmont, MA.

Opening Reception is November 3, 2017 from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Meanwhile, new directions at the horizon for 2018. Thinking about a possible interlude from collages with a return to pencils and charcoal. Also very much interested in the fluidity and stark quality of ink as a medium. Exciting prospects!


"M"... the story of a secret

"M" is the story of a secret. This piece aims to capture the oppressive nature of raw and merciless passion, how it mangles our reality into a surreal and rosy-like fantasy with complete disregard for reason or objectivity. 

"M" encapsulates the helpless feeling of being at someone's mercy, tossed between ecstasy and horror. "M" is the story of two characters thrown against each other by fate like powerless peons.

"Cave Art"

A major storm is subsiding, bringing to life a new horizon of peace and quietude. A fresh series of paintings wants to be born after a flurry of furious paintings celebrating unleashed energy. This new contemplative, tapestry-like series of “Cave Art” paintings aims to evoke and inspire inner peace and a quiet inner dialogue through the use of more structured and linear / geometric shapes. A deliberate lack of clutter and a more sober palette are combined with repetitive themes woven through these new pieces to create a quilt-like effect and to bring a sense of serenity and introspection to the viewer.

Welcome to 2017

2017 it is... Preparing for a brand new year of exciting shows, fresh painting ideas and themes, exploring new concepts and color palettes. Here is to a very exciting new year on the way!

Gray Study #4

Gray Studies #4 (he is back)... I got a quick brain telegraph to stop all projects underway and slip this one in. And so I did... fourth one in... where is this project actually going, nobody knows.... this project feels like chiseling an iceberg with a toothpick.

Gray Study 4.jpg

If You Loved Me... "d" or no "d"?

What is a letter worth? I've recently asked myself this poignant and absurd question of how one single letter could so drastically alter the meaning of an entire phrase or in this case the meaning of an art piece. This quick to bloom piece came guided by a clear vision and under known circumstances yet once I asked myself whether the title should be "If You Love Me" or "If You Loved Me", I realized how different both meanings were and how both would send the viewer on such different paths. In the end, I did decide to go with the subjunctive tense which seemed filled both with rosy promises and happy dreams and tainted with sadness and bitter regrets. The allure of the ambiguity won me over.

Breathtaking: Chagall Light and Sound show in Provence Quarry

If you are not able to sample for yourself this incredible trip within Painter Marc Chagall’s extraordinary world, here are a few pictures of the ongoing 3-dimmensional “Carrieres de Lumieres” Music and Light show held in the most unusual and spectacular setting, the Baux-de-Provence old stone quarry. Picture yourself (if you can) immersed in 13 thousand square feet of 3-dimensional art projection. The natural setting is overwhelming, pitch dark at times and cool (55 degrees Fahrenheit) with walls 45 feet high and uneven floors roughly carved in stone. It is a fireworks of giant rojections moving to a perfectly coordinated music selection. Did I mention there are 13 thousand square feet of art (4000 square meters) projected by over 100 video cameras?

For a virtual visit, here are a few pictures and also is a fantastic, short video I found on Youtube well worth checking out.

Jusqu'en janvier 2017 - Splendide spectacle sur les œuvres de Marc Chagall, maestro de la couleur. Un spectacle son et lumière dans les majestueuses Carrières de Lumière, qui nous plonge au coeur de son oeuvre, inondé par les couleurs et la musique enveloppante, des plus grands airs d'Opéra aux musiques de Uri Caine.

Sorries: Friend or foe?

Sorries are interesting, loaded creatures.... To some they are a clear sign of a healthy relationship armed with vibrant communication. To others, they are insidious little jabs which over time erode any relationship, bringing it down to its knees. Are there such a thing as too many sorries said between two individuals?

Could the only sorries fully worth believing in be the ones we tell ourselves?

Sorries (for two)

Sorries (for two)

Sorries (for one)

Sorries (for one)

"April" in mid-June

I put this number away 90% completed last winter in frustration. It just wasn't talking to me and I had no idea what to do with it. Just pulled it back out 2 days ago in between projects and this time, it was ready to communicate! Timing is everything.
So here it is.... "April" in mid-June


A secret is a kind of promise.... It can also be a prison. – Jennifer Lee Carrell

Secrets (Prison)

Secrets (Prison)

Secrets (Promise)

Secrets (Promise)

Gray Study #3

Gray Study #3 is all about David Gray's creative and songwriting process as can be perceived or imagined from the outside. However preposterous a goal, it makes for a very exciting assignment and a tremendously intriguing theme to explore and to try to render visually. How are his songs created? Which paths does he wander down to always discover new, lovely and unique places? More generally speaking, how does one chase after the slippery shadow of an artistic concept, patiently carving, chiseling and smoothing one's way towards that ultimate vision?

Gray Study #3

Gray Study #3

Gray Study#2

Continuing down my initial path, I wanted to pay one very essential homage to the superb wordsmith and poet that David Gray is. No song of his embodies more his superior quality as a writer than the haunting and mystical "Nemesis", I feel. The simple opening chords literally pull you on board of this musical journey and keep you in a hypnotic state throughout the song. These chords have always felt like a steady and quiet rain of lovely, faded flowers, each one slowly fading in and out with such poignant grace and melancholy that one simply has to surrender fully to the song and become one with it.  While the lyrics keep taking you deeper and deeper into this dark and disturbing introspective path, David Gray's ad lib portion of the song when performed live is always a creative gem and what makes the song so completely successful because no rendition of it ever ends in the same place.

Gray Study #2

Gray Study #2

Gray Study #1

A few weeks back, I challenged myself to create a visual rendition of my creative muse British singer, performer and songwriter David Gray. I was very seduced by the complexity of the challenge, not knowing where to even start tackling this beast of a project. How to best do this project justice? There were so many dimensions to this simple idea and so many directions to run in. I wanted to paint my impression of the artist, not just as a singer and performer but also hopefully capture somewhere along the way something genuine about the human being. I was as interested in building an external picture of him as I was to attempt to paint the artist from the inside out and get down a few unknown imaginative paths to interpret what his creative process might look or feel like. As someone who enjoys creating art, this introspective soul-peeping aspect of the project was particularly exciting to me.  

I was convinced that this project could not be done in one piece alone. There was just too much material flowing in to squeeze into one singe piece. This series starts with three separate pieces (others may knock on the door of my Subconscious begging to be brought to life), each centered around the same perspective of a silhouette (bottom left corner) in the foreground reacting as much as he is creating his immediate surrounding (background).

#1 was an initial expression of the general power and energy David Gray the Performer delivers on stage, both incredibly vivid, honest while also muted in his own, subtle and sophisticated way. I wanted to include a reference to one of the most superb and haunting ballads ever written called "Gulls" in this piece. 

Gray Study#1